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Waste processing

This activity suffers from very frequent punctures. In the total cost of a puncture, the cost of the immobilisation is often the major part. The PAC anti-puncture treatment makes it possible to reduce this budget by over 90%. Surprisingly efficient, the PAC preventive treatment can, for large sizes, repair punctures caused by objects that can reach a diameter of 2 cm. The return on investment on the cost of the treatment is reached at the very first puncture.

Waste transport
Despite the reticence of a few tyre professionals, we currently have enough references in this field to be able to confirm that the PAC treatment is as beneficial to the trucks as to the other machinery. With an additional benefit: the efficient prevention of tyre bursts. The majority of burst tyres are caused by the tyre heating following a pressure loss. By combating punctures, the PAC liquid considerably reduces burst tyres and their multiple damages. The cost of replacing tyres is to be taken into consideration. Not to mention safety...
Civil engineering, Construction, Demolition, Earth

Almost all equipment in this category has puncture issues. Below is an estimate of the cost of a puncture: • Immobilisation of the equipment • Idle personnel • Cost of the repair • Premature wear of the tread due to too low pressures • Risks of late delivery penalties Calculate for yourself! Can you continue to pay the true cost of your punctures? With PAC your investment corresponds to the true cost of two, or even only one, puncture on non treated equipment. Your profitability? It is at its maximum! This is because the PAC anti-puncture treatment remains efficient throughout the life of the tyres.

Handling equipment, using tubeless tyres, exists in many sectors: construction, ports, agriculture... with varying but very real risks of punctures. The PAC anti-puncture preventive treatment is an excellent investment in the vast majority of cases.
Agricultural activities

In the agricultural trades the list of equipment that can benefit from the PAC anti puncture treatment is long: ploughing or sowing wheels, tractor front wheels, trailers, harvesters, etc. A puncture in the fields and/or in the middle of harvesting - often at ungodly hours - can not only be expensive, but also rich in problems.

Building equipment hire

Hire firms are confronted with their customers' puncture issues every day. A certain number of punctures cannot be invoiced. Many hire firms propose the PAC anti puncture solution as an option. This service strengthens commercial relationships. One thing is obvious: Customer satisfaction.

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